Thursday, November 12, 2009

Green Arrow: Quiver by Kevin Smith, Phil Hester, Ande Parks

Green Arrow: Quiver (Book 1) Green Arrow: Quiver by Kevin Smith

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Well that was an interesting introduction to Oliver Queen in the DC Comics. You might know him as Green Arrow. I got to know him the backhanded way, through watching the Justice League Unlimited, and drooling. I love a guy who is a master at an art. For Oliver Queen, it's archery. And it takes some bravery to walk around wearing a Robin Hood-like costume in modern times.

I like Queen's wit, ably handled by the oh-so witty Kevin Smith. But there was also some real angst and philosophical moments in this story. Queen had lost a lot, and he didn't even know how much. In this graphic novel (ten chapters), Queen has forgotten ten years of his life. I won't tell you why. Suffice it to say it's complicated. You need to read Quiver to discover the whys and wherefore.

I will definitely be reading more Green Arrow. He's moving up the ranks in my list of favorite superheroes. Okay I guess I'll lose some comic book geek cred by saying this, but Oliver Queen aka Green Arrow is hot! He just is. It's so sad when you're drooling over a comic book drawing. I totally was. And he's got great genes because his son, Connor Hawke, is just as hot! He's ripped, very skilled in various ways, and he has a great sense of humor. I don't even mind that he's broke in this book. Billions don't substitute for other qualities. :)

Wow, you do get your money's worth with this graphic novel. It's quite, long. Not that I'm complaining. On the downside, I have to admit that the art was not always to my taste. I loved the way Green Arrow was drawn, but I didn't really like the look of some of the other JL greats, with a few exceptions. I really liked the writing though. I enjoyed all the inside references Mr. Smith threw in (even though I haven't read any JL comics--some I picked up through my study of the characters via Wikipedia and other comic book websites). I liked that there were footnotes for the comic issues that the references came from, as well.

This book has some of everything in it. Do read it, if you're a fan of the Justice League, as some of the pivotal characters show up. Not to mention some of the more interesting characters in the DC Universe, such as Dead Man, Spectre, Etrigan/Jason Blood. I think if you've been introduced to the Justice League via the Cartoon Network show, you'll do just fine, and likely you will feel the need to delve deeper into the DC Universe. I think you will become a fan of Green Arrow, if you weren't already. So.. When are they making a Green Arrow movie? Animated or otherwise??? I'll be waiting, not so patiently.

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