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In the Sheikh's Arms by Sue Swift

In the Sheikh's Arms In the Sheikh's Arms by Sue Swift

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
This was a cute, enjoyable romance. Cami was sassy and lifelike for a heroine. She was a Texas girl that could be walking on the streets of San Antonio, going out Texas two-stepping, or riding her horse in real life. Although Cami was a very young heroine, only nineteen, I didn't find her immature. She was young and had some idealistic views, but she showed maturity when it counted, and definitely met Ray head on.

Rayhan was hot. He was a bit behind in his views about women, 'wanting a pure vessel to carry his seed' although he played the field with unvirtuous American girls that he condemned with this mouth. Men! He did an underhanded thing, deliberately courting his enemy's daughter to get her oil rights, but I believed he manned up in the end and showed his devotion to Cami. It was kind of a complicated situation with her father swindling him. He certainly shouldn't have held onto his need for vengeance for ten years, but there was a part of his heritage, the need to seek vengeance. Funny how men in some of these books always want to use the heroine for said vengeance. And look at me reading these books.

Ray didn't want to admit but he fell fast and hard for Cami. I liked that he showed his commitment to her refusing by taking another wife, when he easily could have. Although Cami would have left him faster than you can drop a hot potato (not that I blame her). Cami showed her maturity and her strength in how she handled the situation with Ray's betrothed (a match made by his interfering brother the King).

This book had some really good sexual tension between Cami and Ray. It was odd how the writer would cut away from the love scenes, though. I've read Silhouette Romances with love scenes (not extremely explicit mind you). But I felt the love play between Cami and Ray was on the more descriptive side, and kind of set you up for some bedroom fireworks (and they were married at the time). Alas, the door closed between the deed was done and opened afterwards. What a shame.

My favorite part was when they were in Ray's home kingdom Adnan. It was a beautiful place, and the atmosphere felt very authentic. I think that Ms. Swift did her research and it showed. I felt like I was there. And what a nice trip it was. I enjoyed seeing the scenes where the family sat down to a casual dinner, and Cami feeds her niece by marriage. It was very nice to read about.

Although In The Sheikh's Arms didn't break any ground as a sheikh romance, I thoroughly enjoyed it, and I would definitely recommend it as a fan of the genre, and I am adding it to my keeper shelf.

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