Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Ruthless Billionaire, Inexperienced Mistress by Robyn Donald

I like to wind down from a hard week with a Harlequin Presents. I saw this one lurking beneath the bedside table and thought I'd give it a read. I ended up getting enthralled in this book. Despite the blurb, and despite the seemingly arrogant hero who doesn't have the best opinion of the heroine initially, this book had some layers I wasn't expecting. I don't know why I was so surprised. Donald is a very capable writer who does manage to write books that draw you in pretty much most of the time. She takes the story in ways I didn't expect, particularly with the history of Alli's mother. I was very suprised at why the woman Alli thinks is her mother didn't want to meet Alli at first. I won't give it away because part of the enjoyment was having the truth unwind slowly. Another way that this book pleasantly surprised me is the intense way that the hero Slade falls for Alli. He falls hard and fast, although he is not very good at articulating his feelings. I just love a hero who is stone cold in love with the heroine. A quick read, I did enjoy this book and found myself taken by surprise in a good way beyond what I was expecting reading the blurb. Also if you like vivid descriptions of island paradises, this book is for you.


Blodeuedd said...

Just gave you an award over at my site :D
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Danielle said...

Thank you so much!

Angela said...

Thanks for the review. I don't read romance novels all that often, but I have read a few for my blog and there was one that I had a hard time making it all the way through because the arrogance of the man was so overpowering.