Friday, June 27, 2014

Zatanna, Volume 2: Shades of the Past by Paul Dini

Zatanna, Vol. 2: Shades of the PastZatanna, Vol. 2: Shades of the Past by Paul Dini

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

These Zatanna graphic novels are great.  I like the sense of whimsy and fun mixed with the intrinsic warning that magic can have an allure and be misused and abused by dark forces.  While I am more afraid of clowns than puppets, I can completely see Zatanna's trepidation when it comes to puppets. And it turns out she has excellent reason for it.  The story arc about the puppet was spooky in a good way, and it had plenty of twists to it. 

Zatanna's stories go from humorous to very dark, and while Zatanna is a character with an inner light, she is very well equipped to handle even the worst magical bullies.

Unfortunately, this series got cancelled with the 52 reboot, so we don't get to see the conclusion of the Brother Night story. I hope that they come out with more Zatanna adventures outside of her work with the Justice League Dark. I really like her style.

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