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Intangible Dream by Patricia Wilson

Intangible Dream (Harlequin Presents, No 11578)Intangible Dream by Patricia Wilson

My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

Intangible Dream is the kind of Harlequin Presents that old-school fans will enjoy.  Despite the lack of descriptive love scenes, there is plenty of passion in this novel.  And enough true love to make a diehard romantic sigh when they finish the last sentence.

It has a strong, fascinating hero who's pretty much obsessed with the heroine.  Readers who love heroes who are stone cold in love with the heroine will find this book very romantic and James irresistible.  Wilson maintains the tension of the reader sensing the hero's feelings, although we don't get his point of view.  You feel like Gemma has underestimated his feelings for her, even though you don't find out how much until later on. Despite that, he conveys just enough and says enough to make it clear that he's crazy about Gemma.  While Gemma puts up quite a fight against falling in love with James and into his plans for her, I could understand her reasons, even though I knew just how crazy James was about her.  She was a bit too hurtful at times, although I think it was because she felt like she was a mouse caught in the lion's paws, out of self-defense.

Gemma has a sweet shyness and awkwardness about that I found really appealing.  I could definitely see myself in her shoes, especially when I was younger.  I am sure I would feel a bit overwhelmed by James' powerful personality, especially if I was youngish and very sheltered by an overprotective father (she's a very sheltered 24-yr-old) .  The scenes in which James teases Gemma and draws her out of her shell are really appealing.  They have a warmth and made me smile.  Some readers don't care for young and innocent heroines, but they don't bother me, especially if their naivety makes sense and feels authentic.  While Gemma is definitely naive, she wants to gain some agency in her life, and she has a lot of courage considering.  After a life of being in a gilded cage with her dad, she doesn't want to change it to a gold cage as James' trophy wife.  When she realizes his love is genuine and that she feels the same, that makes a big difference to her, and it shows in the denouement.

I think this might be one of my favorites by this author so far. I think James is a Class A Stalkerific hero (shows the possessive/jealous/obsessed traits I find a guilty pleasure, but not in a really psycho way that's too disturbing).  I also liked Gemma a lot. They make a good couple and they made me root for things to work out for them.  I recommend this to fans of the older Harlequin Presents, and for any fan of stalkerific romance novel heroes.

Overall rating: 4.5/5.0 stars.

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