Monday, December 23, 2013

The Unwritten, Volume 2: Inside Man by Mike Carey

The Unwritten, Vol. 2: Inside ManThe Unwritten, Vol. 2: Inside Man by Mike Carey

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Eh, it's safe to say that I didn't like Inside Man as much as the first volume in this series.  I still enjoy the idea, because metafiction is very fascinating to this avid reader.  I just had too many moments of trying to figure out what where the writer is going with this book.  I feel that this volume lacked the clarity I could see in the first book. 

As before, the artwork is lovely.  I liked the use of mixed media and textures to convey the story.  The layout includes illustrated representations of articles, screen caps from message boards, and images of news reporters, which add texture to the narrative.  The exploration of folklore and fiction versus reality.  Tom is still a sympathetic character who has had his whole life uprooted and his character destroyed by the recent events in his life.  This book seemed to much like a detour, and the tone was very dark. In fact, one part of this book irritated me enormously and I still don't see the point in writing that.

Will I continue reading this? Yes. I want to know where this series is going, and since my library has these, I can check them out at my leisure and explore this series between other books.

I wasn't exactly a happy camper with Inside Man, but I think it does have something to offer a graphic novel reader.

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