Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Why Easter by Nicky Gumbel (Alpha Ministry)

Why Easter? BookletWhy Easter? Booklet by Nicky Gumbel

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Read this one at church on Easter while I was waiting for the third service. It succeeds in offering the crucial facts about who Jesus is and why following and believing in him is a life-changing, wonderful and valid thing for those who choose it.  As I have said before about Nicky Gumbel, I love his straightforward, yet thoughtful way of presenting the Gospel and tackling the tough questions that come from people who live in the modern world as to why a man who lived and died and rose again 2000 years ago would affect their lives. People want the truth, and you don't and shouldn't fudge the truth about Jesus. He is the truth.

Short and sweet and very helpful to read.  Great for someone who is investigating the faith, a new believer, or a veteran believer to remind herself what she believes.

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