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The Man With the Money by Lynn Raye Harris

The Man with the MoneyThe Man with the Money by Lynn Raye Harris
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I gave this book five stars because it kept me drawn in. The passion was intense and well-written. Two characters who didn't want to fall in love but did anyway. I loved how Ms. Harris takes them to glitzy, high class locales and describes them so well, but the story always stays grounded with authentic characters. The characters had depth and a realness that transcended the fact that their worlds are not familiar to me. Their realness formed that bond between me as the reader and them as the characters that kept me reading.

I really appreciate this series, how each Wolfe has manifested the scars of their flawed family in different ways. How they are moving forward in the present to face that past and their brothers and sister to repair those broken bonds.

Jake wasn't just a high class, monied wheeler dealer with a taste for the ladies. He was a hurting man who was running from his past, from the anger, disappointment and guilt he felt for the tumultuous family dynamics he had lived through as a youngster but never fully healed from. To him, protection was not allowing himself to feel deeply for anyone and using money to accomplish what he wanted in his life. Power to substitute for a childhood where he had very little power. At the end of this book, he showed true bravery and that he was ready to break free from the cycle of emotional cowardice spurred on by his past. He struck me as very sensual, masculine, and distinctly British (which is the icing on the cake for this Anglophile). He might have been born with a silver spoon in his mouth, but he knew how to handle himself in every situation. Just a well-crafted character all around.

Cara was down-to-earth, authentic, and deeply principled. She was woman of courage and integrity. She was unafraid to expect the most from a man, to meet her as an equal in a loving relationship. I admired and liked her. Even though she was afraid and out of her league at points in this book, she still carried herself well. I rooted for her happy ending, and I loved how she inspired Jack in his own way to face his troubled past and confront his anger at his brother Jacob.

Jake's book turned out to be my second favorite in this book after Nathaniel's. I am reenergized to continue this series and to explore more of the Wolf family, whom I am completely emotionally attached to now.

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