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The Groom's Ultimatum by Kim Lawrence

The Groom's Ultimatum (An Inconvenient Marriage)The Groom's Ultimatum by Kim Lawrence

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I thought this one was very cute because it dealt with unrequited feelings between two step-siblings in a sweet, sexy, and humorous way. Sean and Sara spent years not dealing with their lust/love for each other. In fact, Sean was warned off of Sara by her father (and he wasn't going to act on his feelings for the then seventeen-year-old girl, and him ten years older). Her father was Mr. Mixed Signals. He set up Sara to work for Sean, asks Sean to marry Sara when he thought Sara was knocked up by some mystery guy, but he had also warned Sean off of Sara. Make up your mind, Dude!

Sean was too busy trying to hang onto his bachelor life, and he shied away from accepting he loved her because of the fact that Sara was going to be emotional high maintenance. But why was he ready to kill the guy who got Sara pregnant, and willing to forgive her supposed nymphomaniac excesses? Of course, the reader knows that Sara is neither 1)pregnant, nor is she 2)a nymphomaniac. After they got amorous and Sean sees Sara's flat stomach, I couldn't fathom how he thought she could be six months pregnant. I have seen some women who didn't show a whole lot, but pretty much every woman has a baby bulge at six months. Sara's belly is as flat as a pancake. But Sean still persists in believing she's preggers! Finally, she manages to convince him otherwise, and then he's mad because she's a virgin. And she's mad because he lets it slip that her father sent him over. All the amorous emotions go out the window (well not really).

Sara ends up moving back home when she finds out that Sean's mother (and her step-mother) is possibly dying of leukemia. And Sara's manipulative dad tells her that Sean and Sara are getting married. Of course, why not take their reluctant attraction to its natural conclusion--the nearest bed? They'll go along with the pretend marriage, and have some fun in the process. However, both have to acknowledge that their feelings are LOVE, not lust.

I really liked what happens towards the end. It made me go, aww! Sean gave in to his feelings in a big way, and it was sweet. The epilogue was good too, humorous and very much evident of the love between this not-so unlikely couple.

This won't work for everyone. It's a bit goofy, but I love the sweetness and the fact that Sara and Sean aren't at all able to fight their long-held feelings for each other. They really like each other, and need each other in their lives to be happy. It was nice seeing them lose that battle.

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