Monday, February 22, 2010

The Brazilian's Blackmailed Bride by Michelle Reid

The Brazilian's Blackmailed Bride (Harlequin Presents) The Brazilian's Blackmailed Bride by Michelle Reid

My rating: 5 of 5 stars
If you want an emotionally-intense story in the Harlequin Presents line, I recommend Michelle Reid. She delivers in this story.

First of all, I loved the very prominent point of view of the hero, Anton aka Luis. It's really his story, as he comes to terms with his hidden heritage, and the lost love he never got over. He is a vibrant character, that I admired and wished the best for. I was really impressed with the growth that Ms. Reid managed to show in this story. Anton's journey wasn't easy. It was fraught with emotional baggage and damage, and it took some real courage to face that head on.

Cristina, the heroine, suffered greatly in the intervening six years after her and Anton broke up. She said something truly terrible to Anton to make him leave, and he never got over it. But he had no idea how much anguish she went through alone. I think Cristina showed a lot of strength of character, although part of me wishes she had just been honest with Anton years ago. Because she wasn't, they missed out on six years together, and it turned Anton into a man that he probably wasn't meant to be. But what doesn't kill us makes us stronger.

Michelle Reid knows how to pen a passionate read. This book will scorch your fingers. It's not excessively detailed in the love scenes. But they are written with so much sensuality and vibrancy that they come off as being pretty erotic, in a good way. All the things that couldn't be said between this couple are expressed physically. You know that what they shared is not, and never will be over.

The Brazilian's Blackmailed Bride has a poignancy and a power that touched me when I was reading it. Because of the deft handing of the characters by the author (although the storyline is fairly familiar to this longtime Harlequin Presents reader), I cared about them, and wanted them to be together and to find their happy ending. It's one of those books that feeds into my Harlequin Presents reading addiction. I want to keep reading them, in the hopes that I will find another book that gives me the zing and the enjoyment that this story did. Highly recommended.

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