Monday, March 02, 2009

Taken by the Highest Bidder by Jane Porter

I liked this book initially, but I didn't like the ending. I felt that Cristiano did not really make any compromises with Samantha, knowing her fears, and why she had them. She ended up being the one who gave in to make up with him. And he just took her back like that. He makes an aside to the effect that he might retire from the thing that scares the life out of Samantha in a year or so. More because he's tired of it, not because he loves her. I am not saying that a person should always give up what's important to them to make his loved one happy, but I don't think he tried to meet Samantha halfway at all. It was good for her to conquer her fears, but I would have preferred that Cristiano meet her halfway.

It's too bad because I thought it was beautifully written and I really was drawn into the story. I realize that Cristiano is written as an alpha man who shapes the world to his needs and desires. But, I don't see why an alpha hero can't learn and give compromise. Alphas should love and take care of others. He knew what Samantha's needs are, but I am not sure he made an effort to meet them. For that reason, I couldn't give this book more than three stars.

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