Saturday, September 06, 2008

My August Reads

Dark Side of the Moon. Sherrilyn Kenyon. A+ (Dark-Hunter, Were-Hunter, Betrayal, Isolation, Discredited Reporter, Police Conspiracy, Paranormal Romance). Rayvn, Susan. 8/4/08.
Fairest of Them All. Teresa Medeiros. A+ (Heroine in Disguise, Medieval, Family curse, Beauty, Family Trauma, Marriage of Convenience. Holly, Austyn. 8/10/08.
Murphy's Lore: Through the Drinking Glass. Patrick Thomas. A++. (Short stories, Urban Fantasy, Famous Mythological/Folklore Characters) 8/12/08.
The Doctor's Runaway Bride. Sarah Morgan. A+. (Beta hero, Pregnant, Obstetrician, Cold Feet, Misunderstanding, Fleeing from Altar, Harlequin Presents). Tia, Luca. 8/13/08.
The Greek Tycoon's Wife. Kim Lawrence. A (Marriage of Convenience. Reunited, Lost Loved Ones, Harlequin Presents) Nikos, Katerina. 8/13/08.
Shattered Dreams. Sally Wentworth. B. (Abusive/Uber Alpha hero, Misunderstood, Runaway Bride, Mistrust, Captive, Harlequin Presents). 8/14/08. Hugo, Kate.
Charming the Prince. Teresa Medeiros. A+ (Marriage of Convenience, Fear of Having Children, Medieval, Very Virile Hero, Illegitimate, Widower with Kids, Wicked Stepmother) Willow, Bannor. 8/15/08.
Highlander Untamed. Monica McCarty. A (Alliance through Marriage, Handfast, Distrust, Feuding Families, King James Scotland, Spy, Betrayal, Helen of Troy, Laird). Isabel, Rory. 8/16/08.
His Bride. Gayle Callen. A+ (Marriage of Convenience, Poor Relation, Sabotage, Widower with "Evil" 1st Wife, Mercenary, Hero w/ Limp). Edmund, Gwyneth. 8/17/08.
Rebellious Desire. Julie Garwood. A (Jealous Hero, Alpha hero, Duke, Repressed Memory, Secret Assailant, Hero in Pursuit, East Meets West (English and American). (Jered) Duke of Bradford, Caroline 8/21/08
The Billionaire's Blackmailed Bride. Jacqueline Baird. A+ (Revenge, Ruthless Hero, Broken Heart, Blackmailed, "Loveless Marriage," Illegitimacy, Harlequin Presents). Emily, Anton. 8/22/08.
Dream's End. Diana Palmer. A (Cruel Hero, Cowboy, Plain Jane in Disguise, Secretary). Curry, Eleanor. 8/24/08.
Love in the Valley. Susan Napier. A+ (Troubled Childhood, Adopted, Afraid of Love, Abused, Opposites, Chef, Lawyer, Opposites attract). Hugh, Julia. 8/24/08
Promises to Keep. Maura Mcgiverney. A. (Misunderstanding, Widower, Sibling Rivalry, Marriage for Child, Old Flames, Runaway heroine, In Older Sibling's Shadow, Honorable hero). Logan, Kathryn. 8/27/08.
Let the Night Begin. Kathryn Smith. A (Estranged marriage, Hardheaded heroine, Betrayal, Vampire, Brotherhood of the Blood, Victorian, Very Sensual). Reign, Olivia. 8/30/08.
His Wicked Ways. Samantha James. A+ (Tortured Hero (whole family was murdered), Tormented Heroine (rape/incest victim), Clan Feud, Revenge, Stolen Heroine, Enemies to Lovers. Cameron, Meredith. 8/30/08.

I enjoyed all the books this month. These heroes annoyed me: Curry, Hugo. This heroine annoyed me: Olivia.

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